"SALILLARI" Company possesses and utilises three stone-quarries : 2 stone-quarries in Urë Vajgurore, stone-quarry in Krujë

In order to carry out the rock breaking process, the company is equipped with relevant permits “ For civil use explosives “. This job is done by qualified specialists who are equipped with the proper licence issued by the Military Services Command ( R.I.Sh.M.) in Tirana. For this activity, the company owns specialised machinery of contemporary technology :

1. A BPI 123 Drill Diameter 115mm
2. A TITON 200 Drill Diameter 115mm
3. A CASAGRANDE Drill Diameter 1 200 mm

Processing undergoes two lines:
a. The mobile line of “ SCORPION” type, produced in Sweden , of a 2004 technology, production capacity 60m3/hour. Automatization level 100%.
b. The stationary line of “ LORO PARIZIEN “ type with a processing capacity of 80m3/hour manual use.

The annual average production and processing is 800.000 m3; of which 100.000 m3 serves as building material for the objects of the company itself and 700.000 m3 a year are rock volumes contracted by “Seament Albania”,for the stone-quarry of Fushe-Krujë Cement Factory.

Thanks to the execution staff experience , the facilities created to work in the stone-quarries we possess and the machinery advanced technology, the production and processing capacity is 2. 000.000 m3/ year.